About Stein Seal Industrial Division

A Message From Stein Seal Industrial Division

A Company Focused on Industrial Seals and Seal Systems

Stein Seal Company has served the Aircraft, Nuclear, Marine and Industrial Markets for over fifty years.  Over the past years as Stein Seal Company continued to grow we recognized the need to develop a dedicated service based organization for our industrial customers. This need led to the creation of Stein Seal Industrial Division to serve the industrial market. We see the repair and system redesign potential as an enhancement of service to our many customers.

Partners With You

At Stein Seal Industrial Division we use the expression "partnering with customers” to explain the close relationship and sensitivity to customers’ needs. Critical equipment is, by definition, essential to insure the successful operation of a chemical plant, refinery or any other business. Stein Seal Industrial Division is uniquely positioned to service this market segment and concentrate on rapid repair and field service. We are large enough to complete any assignment yet small enough to concentrate on repairs in a timely manner.

New Technology and Years of Experience

With state of the art nine axis CNC machines, multiple test rigs and a dedicated team utilizing AutoCAD and Inventor software to repair, re-design, manufacture, test and field install seals and sealing systems. My thirty five years in the seal business, twenty six at Stein Seal, have prepared me to take on the responsibility as General Manager of Stein Seal Industrial Division.

I am also fortunate to have a staff of engineers, designers and machinist with many years of seal experience. I invite you to visit our new facility in Telford PA.  I can be contacted at 267-203-9030 x414 or [email protected].

Bill Lapointe

General Manager